Manage your arthritis this winter

Denzil suffers from osteoarthritis

Arthritis affects sufferers all through the year, but the winter and wet weather months can make it much harder to manage the symptoms.

The cold and damp weather results in increased pain to joints and also impedes exercise routines as we’re less active and less likely to get out and about – we instinctively want to hibernate.

Our top tips for coping with the winter are:


It is important to keep exercising as a lack of physical activity will cause joints to become stiff. Strengthening exercises can build the muscles around the weak joint to help keep it stable and range-of-movement exercises can keep arthritic joints mobile.

Lose weight

Losing any extra weight is vital in reducing the strain on your joints. Every time you take a step the pressure across your knees is three to four times your body weight, so even losing three pounds of weight can take about nine to 12 pounds of pressure off your knees when you walk.

Keep warm

Keep your aching joints warm during the winter months by wrapping up when you go outside. Also, warm baths are beneficial in keeping your joints warm as well as relieving you from the stiffness and pain of arthritis.

The H2O Physio Solution

Our H2O Physio Arthritis Programme combines all of these elements and is ideal for coping with the winter and managing symptoms. Imagine exercising in lovely warm water, enjoying all the benefits of an effective workout whilst taking the pressure off painful joints.

Swelling and inflammation are reduced and so too are muscle spasms and pain. This form of exercise also increases your range of movement, builds strength and improves circulation.

The programme includes cryotherapy, which helps to reduce inflammation and pain in joints and the infrared sauna, which heats much deeper than conventional saunas, promoting tissue healing and reducing pain.

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