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LOSING WEIGHT doesn’t get more revolutionary or enjoyable than this. Imagine walking into a high-tech glass treadmill, it filling-up with warm water and running or walking for just 30 minutes.

H2O Physio offers innovative water-based training programmes that provide all the advantages of high-intensity exercise without putting any stress on joints.

‘It’s an extremely fast, effective yet low-impact way of getting into shape,’ says chartered physiotherapist, Davinder Chatha, who heads up the organisation. ‘Being submerged, the water acts as a giant cushion and the deeper the water, the lighter your body becomes.’

The other key benefit is water resistance. Studies have shown that water is 800 times denser than air and provides up to 12 times the resistance on land – meaning that you work harder and burn many more calories. And as you get fitter, the level of water can be reduced to give greater resistance.

As water lacks the gravitational pull of land, staying upright uses opposing muscles for every action. Core muscles are automatically activated, which makes the abs and obliques work harder.

‘We tend to carry fat in these areas simply due to muscle weakness,’ adds Davinder. ‘By working these muscles we not only lose the fat but also improve our posture and back health.’

This pioneering underwater treadmill provides the perfect workout and the new centre has had some truly remarkable results. Sue Cartwright has lost 3 stone in just 12 sessions by following a healthy eating plan and exercising in the underwater treadmill for just 30 minutes, once a week. Nin Kulair recently had a baby and, after just 6 sessions, lost 9 pounds and is now back into her old clothes.

Others have been using the treadmill to treat conditions ranging from arthritis and multiple sclerosis to post orthopaedic surgery and sports injury recovery – most of them have lost weight too.

And you’d be in good company as underwater treadmills are popular among elite athletes and celebrities too. Jennifer Aniston’s honed physique is reportedly down to aqua-running for 15 minutes every day. So if you’re hoping to drop a dress size for the festive season… here’s something that really works.

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