Patient Information


  • Please arrive 15–20 minutes before your appointment time
  • Only patients receiving treatment can enter the Hydro Suite due to limited space
  • Patient helpers must also observe Hydro Suite guidelines
  • To save time, we recommend you wear your swimsuit/training gear under your clothes. Dry clothes and a shower kit will be needed after your session
  • Bags, outdoor shoes and belongings should be left in the designated area near the entrance. Slippers or flip flops need to be worn in the Hydro Suite to avoid slips and falls
  • Please shower off any make-up, lotions, sprays etc. before entering the hydro treadmill or wellness pool. This can either be done at home or in the main changing rooms before your appointment time
  • Aqua shoes will be provided for you to wear in the treadmill and pool
  • Towels can be placed on the hooks that are conveniently located around the Hydro Suite
  • Please bring medication if required

During the session

  • During your first sessions, we recommend that you start slowly. You may only be able to exercise for 15 minutes, especially if you haven’t exercised for a while. Listen to your body and if you become tired just stop – it’s ok to take a break. Relax and enjoy the water
  • Perform exercises in an easy, pain-free way and don’t force your body to make any movements that are uncomfortable

After the session

  • Please remove aqua shoes and put your slippers or flip flops back on. After drying off with a towel, we would appreciate if you could hang up the aqua shoes in the allotted area
  • Be careful when exiting the pool or treadmill as you have experienced reduced gravity in the water. Following your session, as well as post-exercise fatigue, your body may feel heavy and your movement more laboured. If needed, please sit down and give your body time to adjust
  • Stop if pain, dizziness, rigidity or any other problems occur and ask for immediate assistance