Weight Loss - Sue


Exercising for weight loss with severe joint pain


Sue Cartwight had undergone two knee replacement operations, spinal fusion surgery and was on course for a new hip until now.

Keeping fit had been difficult due to severe joint pain so she was only really been able to do moderate walking and gentle exercise.


  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Water Temperature: 31ºC
  • Speed: 4.5 to 9.0kph
  • Depth: 1200 down to 800mm
  • Resistance Jets: Activated
  • Direction: Forwards, backwards and sideways
  • Number of Sessions: 24


Using the hydro treadmill enabled Sue to increase the intensity of her exercise to running, without affecting her knees. The water decompressed her joints and also reduced her body weight, allowing her to push herself to achieve greater fitness and weight loss.

As Sue's programme progressed, the treadmill's speed was increased, the water level dropped and the resistance jets activated, making her workout more challenging and therefore burning more calories.

Losing weight has enhanced Sue's quality of life, reduced her pain and improved the condition of her joints.

After just 24 sessions, combined with following the Weight Watchers diet, Sue has lost a staggering 64 pounds.